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FFMR has been specializing on long term projects for over 14 years.  We only do restorations, SID inspections, Spar extensions, accident repairs and full rebuilds. By specializing as we do, we offer the expertise required to quickly and professionally perform the task that our valued clients set us in the time and budget allocated.

FIXED PRICE QUOTES: FFMR gives fixed price quotes for all our work and we stand behind and guarantee any work that we do.

HOW WE QUOTE: Our quote in regards to a SID inspection is based on the time that Cessna state a particular inspection should take.  For example, if Cessna state that the wing root inspection should take 3 hours we will only charge 3 hours.  However, we also are aware that at times Cessna state that 2 inspections should take say 3 hours each but by completing the 2 tasks together, we know it will only take 4 hours combined and this is all we will charge you in our quote.

CASA APPROVAL:  We are CASA approved for Metal work, engines, airframes, fabric and woodwork and we have the skill, knowledge and capability to perform the work quickly, effectively and professionally to a standard that we know you both want and demand.

PAYMENT PLAN:  FFMR allows for a simple payment plan with a deposit up front and weekly or fortnightly payments that fit within your budget.

QUOTES:  All our quotes for a SID inspection are all fixed based  for the inspection and any remedial work, if needed, is also quoted on a fixed basis by us so that you the owner are kept fully informed.

PARTS:  We arrange for purchase of any part required and as we pay for them, we require the money to be paid to us either in advance of the part being purchased or within 7 days.  Our reasoning is that we try to assist our clients by using our trade discounts and as we never charge the RRP our clients can have considerable savings.

FURTHER WORK:  As you would be aware, there are times when other work must be performed during the inspection, for example, if corrosion is found it must be removed.  We will not perform any extra work until you have been contacted and have agreed to have us complete the work.  This avoids any nasty surprises for you and allows you to budget correctly.  You will find that our quote for the extra work if any is needed is very competitive.  Our proactive approach always keeps our clients in charge of the work.

PICK UP AND DELIVERY: We will arrange to pick up your aircraft from any RPT serviced airport, bring it to Archerfield and deliver it back to the same airport all for a nominal fee and outlays.  This service is conducted by a Commercial pilot.  This takes the hassle out of you needing to take time off from your work to deliver the aircraft to us.


Here is a gallery of images of the inspection process, as well as examples of corrosion damage found.
Click on an image for a larger view.